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UBtheNEWS is an outreach effort that focuses on providing reports about new 
discoveries and scientific advances that verify history and science in the 
book that was not corroborated when it was published. These reports are 
written for people who are unfamiliar with The Urantia Book and who do not 
have a background in science. See:

If you have not heard about this before or have not looked at the website 
recently, please do! This unprecedented documentation of The Urantia Book's 
unique quality of credibility and the associated outreach effort is moving 
along very quickly since the project was launched in January 2007.

You are on an email list intended to provide Urantia Book readers with 
advanced information and forward looking perspectives that are not suited 
for being posted on the website. This list is also used as a vehicle for 
requesting the funding necessary for the UBtheNEWS project to continue. 
Fundraising is not emphasized on the website because the UBtheNEWS website 
is first and foremost an outreach tool for providing a positive and 
powerful first impression of The Urantia Book. As anticipated, my personal 
finances ran out about fourteen months into the project. I do not 
accumulate any wealth from contributions. All excess funding, if this 
should ever occur, will go into the project. This unprecedented effort only 
continues because the necessary funding is provided by the UBtheNEWS family 
of contributors. You are under no obligation to contribute to UBtheNEWS in 
order to be on this list.

Thanks anonymous angels!
Thanks, Gard!

A thousand thanks you's to the anonymous angels who covered the cost of Dr. 
Lyone Fein's expenses! Your generosity exhibits real leadership-a visionary 
and progressive relationship to what is happening now. Prof. Fein, 
keynote speaker, will focus her talk on how we can be more strategic with 
university outreach. She is preparing a description of her presentation for 
us to put out in an email later this month.

Several days ago Gard Jameson, the Urantia Foundation Trustee who will 
represent the Foundation on the Organizational Efforts Panel, suggested 
that we convene a panel on eugenics. We thought this was a most excellent 
idea and are delighted to report that we were very quickly able to put 
together a fantastic panel to open group discussion on this topic.

So far for the panel we have confirmed . . .

Kermit Anderson, M.Ed., M.A.: Kermit, a long time reader of the UB, is the 
Genetic Screening Program Director at Kaiser Permenente. He assisted on the 
Chromosome Count Report has worked with Charles Olivea on race and eugenics 

Chris Halvorson, Ph.D.: Chris acts as the UBtheNEWS Quality Control expert 
and is increasingly being appreciated as the leading scholar of the UB. He 
provides editorial feedback on the Eugenics, Race, and The Urantia Book 
paper as well as on all the more scientifically sophisticated UBtheNEWS 

Halbert Katzen, J.D.: Halbert is the Director of the UBtheNEWS project and 
author of the Eugenics, Race, and The Urantia Book paper.

Andrew Myers: Andrew is part of the UBtheNEWS nucleus. At 21 years of age, 
he has an exceptional macro level understanding of current affairs and 
world history (rivaling anyone with advanced degrees in this area) that is 
fully integrated with his second-generation UB reader perspective. He is 
providing extensive editorial support for the Eugenics, Race, and The 
Urantia Book paper.

Charles Laurence Olivea: Charles, a long time reader, will be retiring this 
semester from teaching high school. He looks forward to now spending a lot 
more time on Urantia Book related scholarship, especially eugenics and race 
issues. As many of you know, Charles began preparing material on this 
subject decades ago.

Patti Snyder, Ph.D.: Patti is a reader since 1972 and currently acts as a 
Trustee of Urantia University and the Secretary of UAUS. Her degree in 
linguistic anthropology focused on the issues related to language 
differences between home and school environments.

Meredith Tenny, J.D.: Meredith is on the Advisory Board of UBtheNEWS. She 
is a visionary program developer and interfaith minister with degrees in 
law, public health, and nurse-midwifery. Her work in law focused on 
population issues and her current work keeps her intimately involved with 
family planning.

The new schedule for Thursday and Friday is already posted. We hope to post 
a revised schedule for the last two days of the conference in about a week.

Remember, if you register for the conference by April 29, you will receive 
a free copy of the 
Race, and The Urantia Bookpaper when you arrive at the conference on July 
29, along with encouragement to help cover the printing costs. Better yet, 
advance us these funds now!

The intersection of scholarship and outreach.

Halbert, Claire & Andrew

"Get a clue; then FOLLOW IT!"

2010 UBtheNEWS: Education for Outreach Conference
July 29 - August 1 in Boulder, CO
to conference information.
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